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Train to Teach

Primary Teacher Training

To see the schools currently recruiting, please click here


If you are interested in training with us or you would like to work as a teaching assistant in one of our primary schools then please do contact us and send us your CV.  Alternatively, you can apply to us on APPLY

What We Look For

We are looking for people who can show us that they not only have the intelligence, education and subject knowledge to be a teacher, but that they also have the personal attributes to succeed.


You must show us that you:


  • like people and can interact with them appropriately
  • are determined, trustworthy and resilient
  • show patience and kindness to others, and don’t harbour grudges
  • can engage peoples’ attention, and adapt to situations as they unfold

You will see teaching as a positive career choice and be interested in and informed about education in England today.


You will be very clear about why you want to become a teacher, the skills involved and what you can bring to the profession.


Academic Requirements


  • A relevant honours degree from a British university with a minimum 2.2, or its equivalent supported by a recent NARIC certificate.
  • GCSE Maths and English at Grade C or higher.
  • For Primary, GCSE Science at Grade C or higher

For GCSEs, an equivalent qualification from Equivalency Testing Ltd is acceptable, but not any other provider.


Overseas applicants, we will accept UK NARIC Certificates proving equivalency qualifications. Please see HERE.

Note that your school qualification in English in particular may not be the equivalent to the GCSE.