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Management Structure

The Management structure consists of a ‘Core’ membership team.

Senior Leaders at London Academy and 4 schools lead on best practice and the direction of the Alliance along with the Alliance Business Manager. Working with London Academy are:

  • Mill Hill County High School;
  • Broadfields Primary School;
  • Fairway Primary school and Children’s Centre; and
  • Deansbrook Junior School.

They provide support, guidance and capacity within the Alliance to provide the overall service to the member schools. 

Strategic Lead
London Academy

Primary & Secondary I.T.T
Chair of the Core Team and central function

Core Team

Each Core Team member will take a strategic lead on an area(s)
The Core Team will be reviewed annually

Robin Archibald
Broadfields Primary

Alison Edmonds
Fairway Primary

Simon Putman
Deansbrook Junior

Nicky Davis
Mill Hill County High


Amanda Phillips
Alliance Business Manager

London Academy

Manage recruitment process for School direct trainees & Apprentices
DfE Network Lead for School Business Support
Coordinate collaborative training/CPD/NPQ
Links all schools within the alliance
Marketing, Branding and Financial management
DPO service

Beth Hanman
Primary Lead Mentor
London Academy
Works with Universities for ITT
Mentor Training

Individual Secondary Lead Mentors
Secondary Member Schools

Works with Universities for ITT
Mentor Training