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Train to Teach

Bursary Schemes

Tax free bursaries of up to £29,000 are available for graduate trainees in particular subject areas. 

Scholarships are available in the following subjects to support unfunded trainee teachers through their teacher training year starting in Autumn 2023:

  • Chemistry - £29,000,
  • Computing - £29,000, Languages - £27,000 (French, German and Spanish)
  • Mathematics - £29,000
  • Physics - £29,000

To take advantage of these scholarships you will need to apply to the appropriate professional body. Click here for further information.

In addition to tax free funding, successful applicants will receive additional subject specific benefits, which may include:

  • free subject related memberships
  • bespoke events and webinars across the Initial Teacher Training (ITT) year and beyond to support CPD
  • access to classroom resources
  • support from experienced professional mentors
  • access to network of teachers, ex-teachers, department leads, and other industry experts.